At the End of Time

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Bulgarian - True and False Christ, True and False Church

Bulgarian - True and False Christ, True and False Church

The ultimate end-time conflict: the beast (Antichrist) vs. the Lamb (Jesus). How will we identify the beast? On whose side will we be?Two opposing religions are coming to fulfillment in our time. Abel's produces a martyr and a bride, Cain's produces a murderer and a harlot.


By Grace Alone

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Called to Conquer

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Christian Foundations - Bible Correspondance Course

Course Curriculum consists of 3 modules.


Complete Salvation

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Declaring God's Word (Imitation Leather Bound)

Divine Exchange, The

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Expelling Demons

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Extravagant Love

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Faith and Works

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Fasting Successfully

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Father God (Book)

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Final Judgement

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Founded on the Rock

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Gifts Of The Spirit, The

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God's Last Word - Study Booklet

God's Medicine Bottle

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God's Word Heals

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Husbands And Fathers

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Khmer - Benefits of Redemption, The

Khmer - Benefits of Redemption, The

Through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, God has made a way for us to be delivered from the slavery of the kingdom of darkness to become heirs of the kingdom of light. Derek reveals to us the spiritual, physical and material benefits made available to us through the divine exchange.


Laying the Foundation booklets FULL SET
Living in God's Abundance

Lucifer Exposed


Marriage Covenant

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Partners for Life

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Power in the Name

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Sound Judgement

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The Coming Revival


They Shall Expel Demons

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Ultimate Security

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War in the Heavenlies

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Where Wisdom Begins

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Why Israel?

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Will You Intercede?

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