Bulgarian - Destiny of Israel and The Church, The

Bulgarian - Divine Exchange

The entire message of the Gospel revolves around one historical event: the sacrificial death of Jesus on the Cross. Learn how this sacrifice provides so much more than simply an escape from Hell - but the supply of all your needs in life.


Bulgarian - Explaining Blessings and Curses

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure or other struggles? Derek draws on real-life experiences of people who were astonished to discover that they were the victims a generational curse. Learn that a curse is a very real force from which you can find freedom.


Bulgarian - Fatherhood

Fatherhood is man's highest achievement, combining roles of prophet, priest and king.


Bulgarian - God's Plan for Your Money
Bulgarian - God's Remedy for Rejection
Bulgarian - Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting

True and False Christ, True and False Church

The ultimate end-time conflict: the beast (Antichrist) vs. the Lamb (Jesus). How will we identify the beast? On whose side will we be?Two opposing religions are coming to fulfillment in our time. Abel's produces a martyr and a bride, Cain's produces a murderer and a harlot.