Bengali - Foundations for Life

This book gives you everything you need to develop a strong, balanced, Spirit-filled life. Derek clearly explains the foundations for Christian faith, salvation, baptism, the Holy Spirit, laying on of hands, the believer's resurrection and eternal judgement.


Bengali - Holy Spirit in You, The

As Christians, we have access to God's riches through the Holy Spirit - but only when we recognise Him as the sole administrator.


Bengali - How to Pass from Curse to Blessing

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships or other struggles that just won't go away? Derek suggests that two forces are at work in every life: blessings and curses. Learn how to recognise a curse at work in your life and how to find release and God's blessings.


Bengali - Life Changing Spiritual Power

A compilation of six of Derek's books which will strengthen your faith and change your life. The Divine Exchange; How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; The Holy Spirit in You; God's Medicine Bottle; Spiritual Warfare; Self Study Bible Course.


Bengali - Spiritual Warfare

Whether they realise it or not, all Bible-believing Christians are involved in a daily battle against the forces of evil. In this insightful book, Derek Prince will help you learn how to fight this battle - and win!