December 15, Giving Thanks to God

Thankfulness, like most important attitudes of the Christian life, originates in the will, not in the emotions. We do not have to feel thankful in order to be thankful. Those who have children train them to say...

December 14, The Necessity of Gratitude

Let’s take a look at the situation of the world in these last days. We know that a shaking is coming. (See Hebrews 12:26–27.) Now, look at the disintegration of character, morality, and standards. Paul said...

December 13, The Release Thanksgiving Brings

Thankfulness, or gratitude, is the appropriate response to what God has done—and is still doing—for us. It is something that we owe to God, something we need to pay. But the expression of our appreciation also does something in our own spirits that nothing else can do.

December 12, The Appropriate Response

We need to look at the background of this exhortation to be thankful as we read it in the epistle to the Hebrews, where we find the following rather solemn warning. The writer made a parallel application from the Old Testament, when God spoke to...

December 11, Stopping to Say “Thanks”

Some people are genuinely grateful to God but never take the time to tell God that they are. How would we feel if our children never thanked us for all that we’ve done for them? How would we feel if they never said...

December 10, Grace and Thanks

It is easy to see this connection between grace and thanks. In light of this fact, I want to tell you that you cannot have the grace of God in your life unless you practice giving thanks. Grace and thanks go together.

December 09, Until the End

One of the consistent themes of Hebrews is the danger of going back on your profession of faith in Christ. There are five distinct passages in Hebrews that warn us of the danger of going back.