June 20, The Price of Friendship

Often, the measure of God’s commitment to you is determined by the measure of your commitment to Him.

June 19, Perfect Fellowship

The Greek word for fellowship is koinonia. It is an important word in New Testament Greek that literally means, “sharing in common.”

June 18, God’s Standard of Friendship

Alas, in the world today, the word friend has been watered down. It has become a cheap word, and friendship can be a cheap thing.

June 17, Our True Home

Once when I was really concerned about my own spiritual condition, I asked God to make heaven more real to me.

June 16, Pleasing the Father

Over the years, I have observed that one persistent, pervasive problem in the church is personal ambition and competition among leaders, specifically ministers.

June 15, In the Father’s Arms

Picture a little child held securely by his father’s arm, with his face pressed against the father’s shoulder. There may be...

June 14, Accepted!

When God says we are accepted, it does not mean we are just tolerated. It means we are much favored. We are the objects of His...