February 27, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

I wonder if we realize that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When I think of what was involved in God creating my body and providing me with a body, I feel a sense of awe.

February 26, Glorifying God in My Body

There are many ways in which we use our bodies. One primary activity consists of nourishing ourselves—eating and drinking. Paul said that we need to...

February 25, Keep Saying It!

The first time we make this declaration, Satan will laugh at us. We need to keep saying it. Satan is the tempter, but he is very methodical and wastes no time.

February 24, The Ruthless Cross

Some people struggle with fear, depression, loneliness, lust, or anger. A counselor can help us just so far; but in the last resort, the solution is in our hands: the cross.

February 23, The Power of Fasting

Fasting must be united with sincere and practical charity in our dealings with those around us—particularly, those who need our help in material and financial matters.

February 22, Understanding the Battleground

Our warfare against Satan is waged in the spiritual realm; therefore, the weapons are spiritual and appropriate to the realm of the warfare.

February 21, Jesus the Deliverer

The same Christ who is the only Savior is also the only Deliverer. Only Jesus can break the power of demonic bondage in people’s lives and set them free.