The Coming Revival

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Years ago, the Lord spoke these words to international Bible teacher Derek Prince, author of the acclaimed book Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting: "There shall be a great revival in the United States and Great Britain." Derek believed God was going to send a tremendous revival, but He wasn’t going to send it to the nations. He was going to send revival to the church in the nations. Then, that revival would impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ before His return. 

This prophetic word about revival has yet to be fulfilled, which means the years to come hold great excitement for the church. The restoration and renewal God wants to bring—lies just ahead of us. 

Derek Prince knew there would be many contributing factors to the worldwide revival God intends to bring, and in this riveting book, he focuses on seven elements that are essential to the process. Learn these vital components and how you can prepare yourself to bring about The Coming Revival, ushering in the fullness of the kingdom and the culmination of the age.