Sri Lanka

Dear Friend,

The church in Sri Lanka is growing fast but needs strengthening in their understanding of God’s Word. 

The civil wars may be over, but warfare in the spiritual realm for many to come to Christ has never ceased. And this is where many in church leadership are faltering at the present time, mainly due to their lack of sound Biblical teaching. But DPM is committed to help change that.

During our last outreach trip in Sri Lanka, the Pastor of a congregation of about a 100+ members in a suburb of Colombo said to me that they had preachers a-plenty visiting Sri Lanka, but he said the need of the hour was for teachers. This is absolutely true!

Spiritual opposition is rising in various ways in different linguistic regions of the country. Amongst the Sinhala speaking people it is the Buddhist radicals and amongst the Tamil speaking people, Hindu radicals from India have begun to indoctrinate locals against Christianity. As a 
result, the church is faltering from fear due to the lack of spiritual strength that comes from knowing God and His Word.

The last time we visited Sri Lanka, several Pastors came to us at the end of every meeting and 
told us how they had been strengthened by listening to the teaching. The consensus was, “when we did not know the Word, we feared the spiritual and physical attacks, but now having come to know of our authority in Christ we go back with a strength to serve God and our congregations fearlessly.” And that is why we now need to leave them with much more teaching in the form of books and micro SD cards with audio teaching on them which will give them even more ongoing teaching messages on a variety of subjects.

In the last year we completed training at one Bible school in Jaffna where 50+ young leaders were taught for over 50 hours from several of Derek’s books which are vital to the growth of the leaders and their churches.

Yet another Bible School in Kilinocchi has completed nearly 30 hours of study and will be completing the remaining 20 hours in the coming months. By God’s grace we have had several openings into persecuted areas in Sri Lanka and this now means we need more books and SD cards provided in their Sinhala language to cater to the spiritual hunger of this group of people.

This year we will work with our Sri Lanka Directors, Sam and Olivia, to see Derek’s material distributed widely throughout the nation. This will include translation and printing of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose into Sinhalese as well as printing several books in Tamil and English. Printing the books that these believers need will cost approximately $11,220 and, in addition, we would like to provide 1,000 leaders with an SD card containing many of Derek’s audio messages, costing $6,600.

Would you mind considering sending a special gift today to help us build His church in Sri Lanka?

The time to strengthen the church is now to help ensure that much of the work accomplished by the churches is not destroyed because of the lack of teaching. As God’s Word says, “My people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge (of the Word).” Will you be able to partner with us both in prayer as well as financial support to provide Derek’s much needed teaching in Sri Lanka?


Thank you so much for your support!

God’s Blessings,

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific



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