Dear Friend,

For over 20 years, Ps. Gopaljee and his wife, Ganga, have served Derek’s ministry without receiving any 

wages received from DPM. They have a passion to do all they can to get Derek’s teaching of God’s Word into the hands of the million or so Christian believers all over Nepal.

Gopaljee recently told us, “We are very much thankful to DPM for helping us to provide books to the Pastors, Bible school students and other spiritually hungry people. I am honoured to be part of Derek Prince Ministries by which we are able to spread the great teaching of Derek Prince. The impact of Derek’s books has reached almost every district of Nepal and beyond”.

And in turn, we are so thankful to you, our New Zealand partners, for your generous support which has helped make this possible.

Since Gopaljee first started serving Derek’s ministry in late 1996, he has facilitated the translation, checking and printing of over 600,000 Derek Prince Nepali books. Of these, a good number have been sold in small shops at four locations across Nepal, with all sales proceeds used to pay for the people involved and the costs of distribution, whilst about 

400,000 have been given away to churches; Bible schools and believers all over Nepal.

And it isn’t just Nepal where Derek’s books have been distributed. Gopaljee says, “I have been contacted from Gulf countries where Nepali people are working, and a Pastor from far west Nepal will be coming shortly to receive Derek’s books from us so that he can distribute them to the pastors and believers in that area.


Last October, an anti-conversion bill was quietly passed by the Nepali Parliament meaning that preaching, sharing the Good News and baptizing people or converting people to Christianity is now a criminal offence.

But in spite of this, it’s “business as usual” for Gopaljee as he continues to translate and print even more books. As we start 2018, 25 Nepali books are now 

out of stock and we would very much like to reprint these as soon as possible so we can continue to help satisfy the hunger of so many brothers and sisters in Nepal.

Reprinting 50,000 Nepali books in 2018 will cost approximately $45,000. I wonder if you would be able to help us to make sure these are available, please?


Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

God’s blessings

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific


Nepal Outreach

     In 1997, DPM Director Ps. Gopaljee began translating, printing and distributing Derek’s books in Nepali. Since then, thousands of Pastors and leaders all across Nepal have received free copies of 68 of Derek’s books and regularly use his teaching in their church services. In total, over 500,000 of Derek’s books in Nepali have been either given away or sold at nominal prices to many Nepali believers who now live and work in Nepal, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.

     The name Derek Prince is now known by every Christian in Nepal and his life-changing books have become spiritual manuals for many believers. Along with our office in Kathmandu, we have two distribution centres in Nepal, namely Itahari (South East Nepal) and Pokhara (West Nepal) and Derek’s books are freely distributed and sold from these centres. There are 60 Bible Colleges in the Kathmandu Valley and each year graduates receive a gift pack of Derek’s books for their future ministry. Gopaljee also conducts short-term Bible training schools ranging from one to five months, along with conferences and seminars for Pastors and Christian leaders where Derek’s books are freely given to attendees to further equip them with God’s Word.



Impact Reports

Please read the following articles concerning our outreach and ministry reports in Nepal.

 Report From DPM-Nepal

July 2018