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Over the past four years, we have seen many open doors for Derek Prince Ministries to go throughout the entire nation of Sri Lanka and reach many groups of people.

Our DPM-India Director, Elsie, writes…. As we send out this letter, Sri Lanka is in a chaotic situation.  While everything seems calm on the surface, the nation is facing a political and ethnic crisis.  The old forces are trying to make their way back into power while there are new ethnic tensions between different groups.  In this condition, we believe it is the responsibility of the Church to arise in its God-given position and to take the authority over the forces of darkness trying to cover the nation once again.  Stability in a nation is vital for the spread of the Gospel.


In 2018, we trained 80 pastors and leaders to be “teachers of teachers” through 12 of Derek’s most important teachings.  And, thanks to your faithful support, we were able to leave them all with vital resources in the form of Derek’s books and SD cards containing 30 of Derek’s audio or video messages for continued study and growth. A pastor, who has been a regular attendee of our conferences in Negombo, testified of how the teaching of God’s Word through Derek Prince material has brought a transformation in his personal life and ministry.  His church has grown and he has seen an expansion of his territories.  These leaders have now been equipped to go out and teach their people, the life changing truth of God’s Word.

We also reached into the farthest parts of Sri Lanka, particularly into places that are Buddhist strongholds.  Some of these mission trips were dangerous, but it resulted in us being able to reach many of the most isolated groups of Christians in the nation and strengthen and encourage them through the preaching of the Word and the Derek Prince resources we left behind.  One lady received a dramatic deliverance from demons after being guided by a pastor who had received Derek’s teaching through the They Shall Expel Demons book.


In the threatening situation that exists in Sri Lanka, there is a real need for greater understanding of the spiritual realm and for the believers to take their position in a battle that extends beyond the realm of the natural.

For this reason, we need to quickly print several of Derek’s books, focusing on “the cross” and “spiritual warfare” and  to reprint “Life Changing Spiritual Power” in Sinhala and Tamil.

Unfortunately, most believers are looking for material blessings and their only desire in the spiritual realm is “new experiences”.  Many forget that they have a “God-given responsibility” as watchmen over their nation.  So, this is where DPM is stepping in with this teaching and encouraging both pastors and leaders, as well as the Church beyond, to understand their call to be “the salt and the light.”

We would also like to provide 1,000 pastors and leaders with an SD card containing many of Derek’s audio teachings. These projects together will cost NZ$17,400.  Would you be able to partner with us in this project, please?  You can donate securely online at (select “Sri Lanka Outreach”).

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So often in the west we can take our easy and abundant access to Bible teaching for granted.  However, access to sound Bible teaching in Nepal is difficult to come by and even if you could find it, the cost makes it out of reach for most pastors and believers.

For over 20 years, Ps. Gopaljee has been translating, printing and arranging distribution of Derek’s books in Nepal and to date 70 different titles have been translated and over 650,000 books printed and distributed.  Amazing!

Ps. Gopaljee, recently told us that everybody he meets - whether pastors, leaders or believers - all praise Derek’s teaching and constantly come to him for Derek’s books.  He says there are no other books in the Nepali language with spiritual content like Derek’s.

One pastor from south east Nepal told Gopaljee:

Thank you for providing the Derek Prince books to us and to our church.  Compared to other Christian books, Derek's books are so easy to understand on important subjects like foundations, faith, the Holy Spirit, curses and blessings, etc. No other Christian books available in the Nepali language have such a spiritual explanation which influences the reader.  Our church members, other pastors and leaders surrounding our places have also been greatly blessed.  We are very thankful to the Derek Prince office for arranging to translate them into the Nepali language, as many believers and even leaders do not understand English.  For us, availability of Derek’s books in the Nepali language has been a great blessing and have become a kind of spiritual lifeline.

Your generous support in the past has helped make this possible, so on behalf of Ps. Gopaljee and the believers in Nepal, we say a big “thank you”.   Gopaljee recently attended several conferences being held by a partner ministry for over 500 pastors and leaders.  Copies of Derek’s book, Life Changing Spiritual Power, were distributed to all attendees who were, of course, most grateful.

Now our Nepali book stock is almost empty and with persecution against Christians now increasing, we need to keep spreading Derek’s Bible teaching as widely as we can. So in 2019 we are planning to reprint 19 different titles totaling 43,000 books which will cost us just over NZ$60,000.  We would really appreciate your help to raise this amount this year please, so we can keep providing Derek’s teaching to thousands of believers in Nepal.

You may donate securely online at (select “Nepal Outreach”)

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Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

God’s blessings

Warren Smith

Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific


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