Thank you for doing that up to now and in some cases over many years

Firstly, because the situation in China is almost unprecedented in recent decades in terms of the severity of the clampdown by the authorities on Christians and on the church in China.

Secondly, because in the face of that difficult situation we are convinced that we need to do more, not less, for our brothers and sisters in China. Hebrews 13:3 (ESV) says: “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”

Some of our Chinese brothers and sisters are in prison, including significant church leaders. Many are being mistreated, their churches locked and barred. We need to stand with them: this is not a time to pull back;
it is a time to increase our service.

We are asking you to join with us in this battle for the souls of China’s people.


I. Johnston, a China expert, writes: “The Chinese leader Xi Jinping is trying to construct a ‘new spiritual world’… and Christianity is a deep and a profound challenge to the Chinese government’s effort at constructing that new ‘spiritual world’... .”
The laws introduced across China on February 1, 2018, if strictly applied, mean that:

Yes, I would like to help Christians in China to grow strong in their faith in the face of increased persecution:
  • The church may not teach the Bible, because only the Communist Party is allowed to teach.
  • Under a strict interpretation of the laws, anyone who is: involved in education of any kind, serving in the military, a Communist Party member, or under 18 years of age, is banned from entering a church building.
  • Bibles may no longer be sold online, which previously was a frequent occurrence.
  • In some situations no more than 10 people can gather in the meeting, or each one will be fined $2,300.
  • Most seriously, the Chinese government has declared a policy to sinicize the Bible. This would mean rewriting the Bible to conform to Communist doctrine. Those who are prepared to go along with this deviant Bible and its message will be encouraged and helped; those who stand faithful to the Word of God will face pressure, even arrest and imprisonment.

For much more information, please see a number of articles that explain the situation at:


  • For a change in policies towards the church in China.
  • For strength for the church in China, particularly leaders who face much pressure, and ordinary believers who are confused and frightened.


We have a three-pronged approach.

1) Literature

  • Last year we printed inside China and distributed to believers 130,000 copies of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting coupled with Praying for the Government. We believe Derek’s teaching is critical to help the church find the place of strong prayer.
  • We also produced 210,000 copies of four other books.
  • Already this year we have received requests for proclamation cards; and the books Christ’s Last Order, Bought with Blood, The Foundation Series, The Self-Study Bible Course, They Shall Expel Demons, and Declaring God’s Word. That means tens of thousands of copies of each book and this is just the start of the year!


  • For wisdom to know which order to print the books in. There are different voices asking for materials!
  • For finance to print many, many books.
  • For safety for those distributing the books.

To print the same number of books as we did last year would cost $230,000.

2) Our USB and SD Card Project

Last year we started a new project to put as much of Derek's teaching as we could onto USB flash drives and SD cards. As a result, pastors and leaders will have a huge store of Derek’s materials. If the situation were to get worse, they have spiritual libraries in their hands.

Each device contains a copy of the Bible and a rich resource of 30 videos in Chinese of Derek’s core teachings, proclamation cards, 25 of Derek’s books in Chinese in eBook format, large numbers of audio teachings, and the new “Word from the Word” video series – all in Chinese!

Each SD card costs NZ$10.50 and each USB $12. In 2018 DPM supporters enabled us to produce 1,000 copies of each device. But with freedom to distrubute being threatened, we want to at least double that this year, which would cost $53,000 or more.

Update: We have worked with another organization to produce all of Derek’s series going through the entire Book of Romans in Chinese. We believe this will be a critical addition to the USB and SD cards, plus our various online platforms, to help the church in China stand firm in the Word of God.

3) DPM Chinese Websites and Apps

More than 22,000 people have visited our DPM Chinese website, from 62 countries. More than 6,000 copies of Derek’s writings in Chinese in eBook format have been downloaded. Just under half of these believers are from China, with significant numbers from the USA, Taiwan, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. 

Please Pray...

  • For the finances to distribute many of these rich libraries of Derek’s materials on the USB’s and SD cards.
  • For the right people to receive them and be encouraged and strengthened and share with many others.
  • For the DPM Chinese websites and APP to reach many Chinese with God’s Word.


Here are just a few testimonies of those who have received the materials in different formats.

“I was really touched by God’s love after reading this article in WeChat. Thank the Lord for leading me to this platform.”  (Sister Rong)

“Wonderful preaching! I made a detailed note on almost every word of this sermon, and shared with many friends. I like your WeChat platform, and want to learn more from Pastor Derek Prince’s teaching!” (Brother Wang)

And, from our China Team:

Brother He is a teacher of a bible school.

He sent emails to us requesting training materials for beginners. We suggested he use our Self-Study Bible Course as an initial training and discipleship programme. We also showed him how to download more of Derek’s books from our website, and gave him the web address of the online course website. He followed our instructions and started to use them for his school.


The DPM–China team has been working for many years to serve the Chinese church. We have seen the church in China in the past in a difficult situation like the present one; and after that period we observed out of those ashes the enormous growth that came subsequently, probably the fastest growth of any church on earth.

We believe that God will, therefore, bring a new revival after this period of pressure.

The house that is damaged in an earthquake needs not to be deserted, but repaired and strengthened for the family to live there in the years ahead. We believe that is the role of Derek Prince Ministries in China at this time. We must be doing all that we can to prepare the church for days of blessing ahead.

We would appreciate your financial support to enable us to continue this essential work and produce the resources we need for 2020.

Many thanks,

For our three-pronged approach above we are needing a total of $350,000.
Please PRAY with us for the Lord’s provision.