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Today, the responsibility for spiritual leadership in Cambodia falls on the shoulders of those mostly under the age of 40 due to the lost generation following Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970’s.  This presents a real challenge for these young people, who need essential foundational training in the Word of God.  DPM-NZ Trustee Alan Brooks and wife Lynda, who recently visited Cambodia and spent two weeks teaching and ministering in several provinces with our National Director Huy and translator Sokkheng, told us: “Time and time again the people responded with willing and open hearts and absorbed the teaching like dry sponges. Their notebooks were full of notes and they gave full participation at any interactive session. In Derek’s book What’s So Important About the Cross? he says, “When we present the message of the cross and of the Kingdom of God, it brings the supernatural confirmation of the Holy Spirit. When that confirmation comes, hearts are changed.” Alan says “That is what we experienced on the journey. What a joy and blessing to serve these amazing people.”

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we have been able to:

Train hundreds of Pastors and leaders at Bible training seminars in several provinces and freely distribute thousands of copies of Derek’s Bible teaching, as well as reaching over 3,000 people through outreaches and distributing free copies of Derek’s booklet Do You Realise How Valuable You Are? We have also resourced graduates from Bible Colleges and The Institute of Church Planting Cambodia with gift packs of Derek’s books and proclamation cards.

This month we are about to print 3,000 copies of Derek’s book What’s So Important About the Cross? in Khmer.  We are also ready to print several more of Derek’s books in the Khmer language which these young Pastors and leaders need to help them to teach thousands of other believers.  They include How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; Spiritual Warfare; Holy Spirit in You; Authority and Power of God’s Word; God’s Medicine Bottle and 10 others.

Your special gift would be so appreciated to help fund the printing of these books and enable us to hold further Bible training seminars for thousands more Pastors and leaders.  Our total cost to print these 16 titles (totalling 43,000 books) over the next few months will be approximately NZ$22,600. Would you be able to assist us to cover this cost please?


Persecution; poverty; close scrutiny by the Government; restriction on activities and the forced closure of churches.  These are just some of the challenges faced by Christians today in Vietnam and Laos.  Both nations are led by communist Governments, with Buddhism the majority religion.  In Vietnam, despite the fact that the Communists closed half of the 600 church buildings that existed when they came into power, church growth has been significant and we are told there are around 1.5 million evangelical believers in the country today.  

However, the other significant challenge for the church in these nations today is the huge shortage of Bible teaching and sound, well-translated material is much needed. It is therefore with great delight that this year we have seen DPM established in both Vietnam and Laos for the first time ever!  Two small teams in both nations are now translating Derek’s Bible teaching.  So far, numerous Teaching Letters and the Self Study Bible Course have been printed in Vietnam, along with 20 Proclamation Cards printed for free distribution.  

In Laos, much of the Bible teaching material used is being smuggled into the country due to the risks in printing.  We are therefore working with our new Christian leader contacts there to find the best ways of making Derek’s Bible teaching available so it can be shared with many believers.  The translators have begun with Proclamation Cards, which will be followed by Teaching Letters and books.

DPM’s challenge now is that we have very little finance available to fund this desperately needed Bible teaching in Vietnam and Laos.  Could you please prayerfully consider partnering with us today by making a special gift to our work in these two nations, along with Cambodia?    

The doors in S.E. Asia are now opening and we sense an urgency for equipping leaders with Derek’s teaching right now, before those doors close again.

Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

God's blessings

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Translation of Derek’s material into the Khmer language began in 2015, starting with a few Teaching Letters.  Our first opportunity to distribute these was at a talent quest attended by 800 young people aged 18-35 years.  A second outreach was held which attracted 1,000 young people who each received a copy of the booklet Divine Exchange.  Several other outreaches have also been held for hundreds of young people, with Derek’s material being given away to those attending. 


Translation has now been completed of Derek’s six-book compilation Life Changing Spiritual Power and this will be a great tool to many Pastors and Christian leaders throughout the nation.  

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