POPULATION:  68.9 million
RELIGIONS:  Buddhist: 94.6%    Christian: 1%

Dear Friend,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”.  This is particularly encouraging for us here at DPM-Asia/Pacific.  For over 20 years we have been praying and waiting for the door to open to enable us to make Derek’s Bible teaching available in Thailand, a nation of over 68 million people.  That door has now just opened, enabling us to begin a new work which will be coordinated by a New Zealand couple who have already spent several years in this nation and are now based in north east Thailand.

Our new Thailand coordinators already have a wide network in the region, including pastors and leaders, and they have returned to this nation to prayerfully seek the best possible DPM co-workers from their contacts.

OUR GOAL FOR 2021 is to have sufficient teaching material translated in order to launch a DPM Thai website at the end of the year with as many DPM resources as possible freely available.  This website will be the main distribution method initially, and will be far more cost-effective than print media, although some printing of Derek’s proclamation cards will also be done. Translators will soon begin working on our Teaching Letters, small booklets and Derek’s two-minute devotionals, A Word from the Word.

We believe that this new DPM work in Thailand is God-ordained, and we want to push ahead as quickly as possible in order to see Derek’s excellent Bible teaching available in the Thai language.  We now plan to employ a full time translator and need $15,000 to cover this cost, including a work station.  Having never asked for contributions for this nation before, may we ask you to prayerfully consider sending a gift today to help us with this significant new work, enabling us to equip the Thai people with Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching.  Thank you.

The need right now to help meet the spiritual hunger in this nation is URGENT and the doors of opportunity have opened up, so could you please help us today to provide Derek’s teaching of God’s Word to our brothers and sisters in the growing church in Thailand.

Many thanks for partnering with us.

Warren G.W. Smith
Regional Director,

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