POPULATION:  68.9 million
RELIGIONS:  Buddhist: 94.6%    Christian: 1%

The DPM Digital Team have now built a Thai website containing Derek’s Thai-language books, plus 36 Thai proclamation cards and several Teaching Letters, all for free download.
Click here to access the website.

To make the website as widely known as possible, 3,000 copies of Divine Exchange in Thai are already being freely distributed in Thailand. A QR code on the book takes readers directly to the website. We plan for proclamation cards, with a QR code on them, to also be freely distributed.

Further material for translation and production during 2022 includes:

  • Up to 52 of Derek’s Teaching Letters will be translated into Thai and Lao.
  • Derek’s daily devotional, Declaring God’s Word into Thai.
  • The book, Why Israel?
  • Consideration will also be given to voicing some Teaching Letters and the daily devotional.
  • We hope to also explore some voice-overs of Derek’s 28-minute teaching messages. So, a lot of work to be done by the translation company we employ in Chiang Mai.
  • Our contact in Chiang Mai is interested in helping to distribute Derek’s teaching in Thailand, which will be made freely available primarily to pastors and Christian leaders.

It has taken us over 20 years of prayer and enquiries before we could begin translation and distribution of Derek’s Bible teaching in Thailand. But with this work well underway, we now need to raise the funds to keep the translation team working on Derek’s teaching. So, any contribution you can now make would enable us during 2022 to keep equipping pastors, Christian leaders and believers across this Buddhist nation of 70 million people.

The need right now to help meet the spiritual hunger in this nation is URGENT and the doors of opportunity have opened up, so could you please help us today to provide Derek’s teaching of God’s Word to our brothers and sisters in the growing church in Thailand.

Many thanks for partnering with us.

Warren G.W. Smith
Regional Director,

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