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Dear friends,

Elsie Daniel, DPM-India Director, writes:

The church in Sri Lanka is growing, but there are many forces against it – both internal and external. While the external opposition is neither new nor unexpected, the internal is growing in many ways and the Church must be provided with the resources to strengthen its spiritual foundations so that we can stop a falling away from the faith which Jesus said would happen before His return (Luke 18:8). On our last mission trip into Sri Lanka we found many instances that pointed toward the lack of teaching and the bizarre doctrines that have taken over because of this. The problem with these false doctrines is that they do not have the authority or the power of the Word of God backing them and so there are manifestations of the demonic bondages, but no real deliverance.

At one of our meetings we were able to demonstrate the difference that the power of the true Word of God makes. Having taught on The Divine Exchange we began to pray for people under demonic bondages who had been violently manifesting all through the worship session – and the Spirit of God just set them free immediately and gently, without violence. The Spirit changed the atmosphere from darkness to light and the people were freed from bondage and confusion. As the Word says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” Later Bishop Prince explained to us that many pastors minister on the little knowledge and understanding they have. Few have received good teaching!

In many places we were asked to teach on the Holy Spirit and how to discern false doctrine, as there seems to be a wave of false doctrine sweeping the country through various “imported” preachers. At the same time, there is no discernment amongst the locals as many have not received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. But we have great resources on all these topics to give away – like Derek’s books They Shall Expel Demons, The Holy Spirit in You and many more. If we can put these books into the hands of the leaders, surely the church will rise in the power and glory that Christ has promised to it in the end times (Isaiah 60:1-2).

Today you can help us to do this by donating towards the printing of these essential titles in Tamil and Sinhala – the two main languages of Sri Lanka. Right now we need to print They Shall Expel Demons, Life Changing Spiritual Power, Why Israel? and What’s So Important About the Cross? The total cost to print these titles in Sinhala and Tamil is approximately NZ$10,243 for 2,000 copies of each book.

Our team in Sri Lanka - Sam, Olivia and Bishop Prince - will ensure that these books are put into the hands of pastors and leaders at conferences while we are there, and will also continue this distribution through the local pastor’s fellowships.

Now is our time to invest into the lives of the Sri Lankan church and people, for there is a great harvest of souls awaiting, but untrained and undiscerning workers can lose much of it if we do not help them!! If you would like to partner with us by making a donation toward training pastors and Christian leaders in Sri Lanka, you may use the enclosed response form or donate securely online at (select “Sri Lanka Outreach”).

Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

God's blessings and many thanks for partnering with us.

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific



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