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DPM-India Director, Elsie Daniel, writes: 2021 has been a challenging year for both India and Sri Lanka. With the second wave of Covid-19 hitting both countries in succession, the Christian community has seen many losses. Many pastors and frontline Christian workers lost their lives as they could not stay home, but had to go out in the midst of the pandemic to stand with, strengthen and comfort their people.

We have also seen a huge rise in persecution – both open attacks and the more subtle ones through administrative reforms that seek to limit the spread of the Gospel. Violence is on the rise against churches and pastors, even in those parts of India where it is considered safe to be a Christian and share your faith.


However, in the midst of all this is the encouragement that comes from knowing that the teaching we are putting out through Derek Prince Ministries is giving new direction and boldness to people. We have focused a lot on Derek’s Applying the Blood teaching during the second wave of the pandemic – teaching, primarily pastors, that there is power in confessing the power of the blood of Jesus and that is what keeps us from destruction.

One of the testimonies we received stated, “When the second wave of the pandemic came around and we started to lose many Christian friends and co-workers, our very faith in the verses of Psalm 91, particularly those that promised that plagues would not come near our dwelling or destroy us, was shaken because we saw the contrary happening in our situations. And just when our mind was beginning to question our faith, we received the teaching from DPM about Applying the Blood. It was such an eye-opener as we then understood that there needed to be an active declaration of our faith in the blood of Jesus and what it has done for us. We are so thankful for this teaching that not only re-established our faith but also kept us through the pandemic! Thank you for bringing us this teaching.”

Another testimony from Sri Lanka about Hear God’s Voice: “Thank you so very much. How I wish I heard this 40 years ago…but there is a time for everything…Will help so many Christians who get into the wilderness… please translate it into Sinhala for our rural believers.”


With vaccinations being widespread, slowly we return to a new normal. But the lack of gatherings and fellowship has deeply impacted the pastors and leaders who are eagerly awaiting a return to at least small conferences in 2022, where they can gather to be ministered to by the teaching of the Word of God. We take every opportunity to conduct these conferences both in India and also in Sri Lanka where Pastor Prince has been actively distributing books even in the midst of the pandemic, along with humanitarian aid to pastors and leaders. In the coming year we aim to make two ministry trips to Sri Lanka and hold a total of 18 meetings. This will cost in the vicinity of NZ$8,500. In India, we plan on holding at least 16 conferences in order to make up for lost opportunities during 2021.

We will also continue holding two-week residential seminars here in Trichy, Tamil Nadu for groups of 30 men or women. The focus would be on the DPM Bible College curriculum, using Derek’s major teachings, including Romans; Hebrews; Foundations; The Gifts of the Spirit and Prophetic Guide to the End Times. The target group will be those leaders with potential to take the teaching and train others – training the trainers. It is hoped that this will help take Derek’s Biblical teaching to the different states of India and also help introduce the ministry of DPM to those who have not yet heard of it. The cost to hold each training course, including accommodation and meals, is NZ$2,650 and it is planned to hold several courses during 2022. Perhaps you would like to help sponsor one of these training seminars?

The events happening around us have created a great interest in the topic of the end times and so we will be looking at translating and publishing At the End of Time, Surviving the Last Days, Final Judgement, and similar books, together with Hear God’s Voice and Applying the Blood in Sinhala (for Sri Lanka), plus Tamil and Hindi. The total cost to print 2,000 copies of each title in each of these three significant languages is approximately NZ$18,000.

Also, in 2022 we will launch new Hindi and Tamil-language websites which will contain a large amount of Derek’s teaching in these languages. These websites will be a huge blessing to pastors, leaders and believers alike, enabling them to study the Word of God in their own language.

If you would like to partner with us in helping to train pastors and leaders across India and Sri Lanka, you may use the enclosed response form or donate securely online at (select “Indian subcontinent Outreach”. Please note: All donations made to this particular appeal will be tax rebatable.)

Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

God’s blessings

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific



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