“Spiritual Warfare and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing are life-changing books. The teaching has changed my perspective about these facts in the Bible and I believe that applying these truths will set me free to live the victorious life that God intended for me. Thank you so much. Blessings”N.T.L.Q Evangelist CMA, Central Vietnam

Dear Friend

These days the world in which we live is full of battles – both in the natural and in the spiritual. For believers, there are no exceptions, for as Derek himself put it, “Whether you realise it or not, all Bible-believing Christians are involved in a daily battle against the forces of evil”. Our co-workers in south east Asia recognise the nature of this battle and so their plan for the year ahead is to equip church leaders and ministry members with the Word of God – through Derek’s teaching – and to help them to grow stronger in their walk with the Lord. This will place these leaders in a strong position to minister to those who desperately need help in their own battles.


One of our Vietnam Coordinators, Ps. “A” in Ho Chi Minh City has seen first hand the difference that Derek’s proclamation cards, coupled with prayer, can make for someone going through a major spiritual battle. She advised us, “There was a woman attacked by a demon for a year. She backslid and left the church. At first, she was very rich in her business; she didn’t need God and she chose to be a single Mum. Then her business closed due to Covid; she went bankrupt; lost control; lost her mind and wanted to kill herself many times. She also could not take care of her daughter. But thank God for His mercy and His grace; He protected her and connected us with her. We visited her at her house to pray for the deliverance of God to come upon her. It was a process, and we visited a few times to do deliverance using Derek’s proclamation cards, guiding her to read them as well. She read the proclamation cards every day; prayed and read the Word of God. We praise God that she is now delivered; has become a happy person and loves God. She now faithfully attends church and said: “I want to serve God; I feel my life now is full of joy and I feel stronger than ever before”. Through this testimony, we saw how God anointed all the words written in the proclamation cards. We believe that God will continue to deliver many other lives through Derek’s proclamation cards.”

This year, the two DPM-Vietnam teams are holding several seminars for pastors and leaders to train them using Derek’s teaching. Each pastor will also receive a gift pack of Derek’s Vietnamese books and proclamation cards to use in their ministry. This material is vital for these leaders who have little access to Bible teaching. Your generosity in sowing into our south east Asia ministry enables pastors like “N.A.S.”, who serves God in a central Vietnam church, to not only grow in his own life and ministry, but to help others.

Ps. “N.A.S.” writes, “I give thanks to God for the teaching materials of Derek Prince. It has had a great impact on my life and ministry. I believe in God’s Word, but I rarely confess the promises of God over my life, so I haven’t experienced much of what God promised for me, my family and ministry. Thank God that through pastor “D” of DPM, I came to know Derek Prince’s books. Since I read his books and started confessing God’s Word and promises, His words came alive to me more than ever before. I started to see the effect of God’s Word on my life. I have grown in the Word a lot through the Self Study Bible Course and now I am leading many groups using this book in their churches. May God bless Derek Prince Ministries greatly.”

Our teams in Vietnam also continue to reach out through evangelism and food packs to the unsaved, including students and bricklayers. This is followed up by an invitation to a special church service and a gift of one of Derek’s books.

This year, our budget for Vietnam ministry is $72,775. Much has been accomplished and hundreds of lives impacted by your generous giving over the past year. Could you please prayerfully consider sending a donation or making an automatic payment so we can continue to translate, print and distribute Derek’s Bible teaching, train pastors and leaders and reach out with God’s love through practical means during this very difficult season?

You can donate securely on our website: www.derekprince.co.nz/give/vietnam

Please note: All donations made to this particular appeal will be tax rebatable.

Whilst leading a seminar for 75 pastors in the Tboung Kmum province, 130 km north of Phnom Penh, a pastor told DPM-Cambodia Director Huy, that many false teachings are being taught and these are poisoning the churches. The Bible warns us to expect this and so the need for pastors and church leaders to have access to solid Bible teaching, such as Derek’s, is ongoing and vital. Huy and the DPM-Cambodia team are holding seminars for pastors and leaders every two months. The average cost to hold one seminar is $1,400, which includes travel, food, accommodation and copies of Derek’s Bible teaching.

Last year, Ps. Prom Sros contacted Huy in gratitude for the spiritual and financial help he had received at a very challenging time in his life. Ps. Sros writes: “I have two sons and four daughters. Besides being a pastor, I am a moto-taxi driver and my wife is a vegetable seller at a market. People in my village are traditional, religious Buddhists. In 2007 the Gospel came to my village through pastor Pen Chen to my parents, but I rejected the Gospel and persecuted my family. The village chief leader came and said that if our family believed in Jesus, we would be cast out from the village. My family suffered a lot from persecution, discrimination, and rejection, but my family still faithfully follow Jesus. Through their testimony, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. We began holding Bible studies at my home and my family grew up in the faith. I began a church and continue to serve the Lord in this community.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, my family and church members are affected a lot. I cannot do my job and my wife cannot sell at the market. We stay home most of the time and my church still keeps praying for God’s provision. I believe that God is faithful to provide what we need. Thank you, Derek Prince Ministries, for supporting us with food which is very useful during this period. Especially, thank you for feeding us, not just physical food, but with the spiritual food of DPM teaching material. I love the proclamation cards, and I have learnt that God never forgets me, even in the dark times.” 

This year our budget for Cambodia is $77,979. Your generosity over the past year has enabled us to feed pastors, believers and the poor and needy both spiritually and physically. Thank you so much, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

We would be so grateful for your partnership again this year ahead to ensure that pastors and leaders across Cambodia, like Prom Sros, have access to the Bible teaching that they need at this time – both for their own spiritual walk and to help feed others spiritually. 

If you'd like to partner with us, you may donate securely online at www.derekprince.co.nz/give/cambodia

Please note: All donations made to this particular appeal will be tax rebatable.

Thank you for partnering with us by helping to teach, equip and encourage thousands of Christian leaders in south east Asia!

God's blessings,

Warren G.W. Smith
Regional Director, DPM-Asia/Pacific


Pastors' Seminar, Cambodia

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Thanks to your generous giving over the past year, Mr Huy and our Derek Prince Ministries team in Cambodia have been able to provide Derek’s books free of charge at numerous training seminars for pastors and Christian leaders.