Dear Friend,

Like so many other nations around the world, Nepal has also had to endure a year consisting of lockdowns, closed borders and bans on large gatherings due to Covid-19.  Our Director in Kathmandu, Ps. Gopaljee, has only just begun holding church meetings again this January, but many people are still too frightened to attend.  And so, where possible, meetings are also held online via Zoom.  In these uncertain days, it’s vital that we continue to equip pastors and leaders in Nepal with Derek’s Bible teaching resources so they can adequately teach and shepherd their churches.  Many pastors don’t realise how much they don’t yet know from God’s Word, as evidenced by the letter below.

“Dear Ps Gopaljee,  I thank you for publishing books by Derek Prince.  A fellow pastor had several books written by Derek Prince.  I borrowed from him Fasting Successfully; They Shall Expel Demons; Self Study Bible Course and How to Pass from  Curse to Blessing and read all of them.  I am teaching our people from these books and telling other Christians how we are missing these great spiritual truths.  My pastor friend told me that he will provide more books so that I can teach and preach  to the people.  I did not know about the generational curse and now it is clear to me.  I remember my own and I asked forgiveness.  Likewise They Shall Expel Demons also greatly helped me.  Our area is full of evil power.  Thank you again and God bless you.”

- Pastor Chandra Dev Karki, west Nepal

And so, the hunger for sound Bible teaching in Nepal continues.  This year, Ps. Gopaljee needs to reprint at least 11 of Derek’s books in Nepali, including titles such as Foundations for Life; Holy Spirit in You; Living as Salt and Light; Self Study Bible Course; Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People and What’s So Important About the Cross?  The cost to reprint 3,000 copies of each of these 11 titles (33,000 books) is approximately NZ$27,500.  

Could you please prayerfully consider sending a gift to help equip thousands of pastors and leaders across Nepal and India with the Bible teaching they desperately need?  You may use the enclosed response form or donate securely online at (select “Nepal Outreach”).  100% of every designated donation you make will be sent to DPM-Nepal or DPM-India.  (Only donations designated “Where Most Needed” now qualify for a NZ donation tax rebate.)

God’s blessings and many thanks for partnering with us.

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific


Nepal Outreach

In 1997, DPM Director Ps. Gopaljee began translating, printing and distributing Derek’s books in Nepali. Since then, thousands of Pastors and leaders all across Nepal have received free copies of 68 of Derek’s books and regularly use his teaching in their church services. In total, over 500,000 of Derek’s books in Nepali have been either given away or sold at nominal prices to many Nepali believers who now live and work in Nepal, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.
The name Derek Prince is now known by every Christian in Nepal and his life-changing books have become spiritual manuals for many believers. Along with our office in Kathmandu, we have two distribution centres in Nepal, namely Itahari (South East Nepal) and Pokhara (West Nepal) and Derek’s books are freely distributed and sold from these centres. There are 60 Bible Colleges in the Kathmandu Valley and each year graduates receive a gift pack of Derek’s books for their future ministry. Gopaljee also conducts short-term Bible training schools ranging from one to five months, along with conferences and seminars for Pastors and Christian leaders where Derek’s books are freely given to attendees to further equip them with God’s Word.


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