Myanmar is a country of over 56 million people, with Buddhism the main religion at nearly 88%, and the Christian population making up just 6.2%. It is therefore of little surprise that obtaining sound Bible teaching is difficult and out of the reach of most believers. Even those responsible for teaching others the Word of God often lack understanding on foundational truths, and so we were delighted to receive this brief testimony following a teaching seminar held in Chin State (western Myanmar) late last year:

After attending the teaching seminar and reading Derek’s book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing I was very encouraged. Before I did not understand about How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; now it has become very clear to me. This book has increased my spirituality and helped me understand the depth of God’s Word. I would also like to share this with my friends and my students.
- A Lecturer at Tedim Theological College


In another letter last year, Mr Lalrindika, the Director of Living Hope Kid's Village from Sagaing Division, Kalaymyo (north- west Myanmar) contacted DPM-Myanmar last year and requested some Derek Prince books. Our team there were delighted to provide him with 49 Derek Prince titles. After six weeks, he gave this feedback about the effectiveness and usefulness of Derek’s books for his mission:

I would like to thank you for the literature of Derek Prince. I got a spiritual blessing from each one of the books and I am so encouraged and strengthened in my Christian conduct, as well as my teaching on God's words. It really illuminated my mind where I had doubts and did not understand Biblical truth. I perused each book and the books called Foundations for Life and Empowered for Life were a real blessing; they gave me Biblical teaching about hope and the purpose of human existence which I could not articulate before. However, the other books were also very helpful for me to articulate the Biblical perspective on Fatherhood and Declaring God’s Word. I shared some of these books with the community library and kept some of them for my personal library.

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Since 1999 we have been organising the translation, printing and distribution of Derek’s books in Burmese, the majority language of this country. 35 of Derek’s books have now been translated and printed, with over 330,000 Burmese books published to date. A number of Pastors now use the teaching in Derek’s books as the basis for their Sunday sermons. Most Pastors and leaders in Myanmar are very poor and would not normally be able to afford to buy books, so these free books have been a great blessing to them. One Pastor from a remote area said that Derek’s books are like an ‘Oasis in the Desert’. We are greatly excited and encouraged to see the hunger many have to read Derek’s books regardless of denomination and we have regular customers from all Christian denominations. The Graduate Gift Pack Programme was introduced in 2005 and is a great blessing to the graduates who have no other resources.

There are 150 Bible Schools in Yangon, with a total of 200 in the nation. Our Director is often asked to speak and preach in many different areas of Myanmar, and this has helped promote the work of DPM in this nation. Recently, our Director preached to 500 Pastors over three days at the 50th anniversary of Tamu Baptist Church at Tamu, Sagaing Division (North West Myanmar). Many lives were renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce Derek’s teaching to these 500 Pastors in this challenging nation and key Pastors also received complimentary copies of Derek’s books. Our Director also trains around 60 students in the DPM building using Derek’s teaching.



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