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Dear Friend,

As one of Derek Prince Ministries’ loyal friends, we want you to know how much we appreciate your support for our outreaches.

Your prayers and gifts enable us to put Derek’s Bible teaching into the hands of many Christians and Muslim seekers across the Middle East. What’s more, you help us to keep our Arabic website up and running, to lead seekers to Christ via social media channels and to disciple new believers. And I know that you want us to be there for every person who reaches out to us with questions about Christian faith, or with prayer requests.

That is why I am writing to you today. I want to share some good news stories made possible by your generosity and to invite you to send a gift to our Middle East outreach.

So let me tell you how you helped Ahmed*, a 32-year-old man from Tunisia. He contacted us via our DPM Arabic Facebook page saying that he wanted to know more about Christianity and worship a forgiving God, not a hateful God. One of our workers shared the gospel with Ahmed. After several conversations he accepted Jesus as his Saviour and joined one of our online discipleship groups. Today, praise God, Ahmed is digging deeper into the Bible on his own using the Self-Study Bible Course materials.

Also, let me tell you about the huge difference you made to Zeinab’s* life. She lives in Egypt and, until recently, she was struggling with self-esteem issues and a troubled marriage. Zeinab grew up suffering abuse from her mother and her older brother. She spent her youth doing housework and looking after her mother. Eventually, she got married to someone just to escape the difficult situation at home. But her husband mistreated her too and made her think that she had no value as a human being. Recently, both Zeinab and her father-in-law got Covid, and her husband just cared for his father, ignoring Zeinab’s situation. She believed God had deserted her and she had suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, one day God directed her to Derek’s teachings online and she started to listen to the gospel’s message of forgiveness, love and hope.

At first, Zeinab found it hard to believe the gospel. But God touched her heart through conversations with our workers and their prayers.

Our outreach workers shared the gospel with her and were very patient as she struggled to come to terms with the idea that God cares for her. Over time, Zeinab repented and invited Jesus into her heart. Now we are encouraging her to read the Bible, to see a Christian counsellor and to listen to more of Derek’s teaching in Arabic.

These and many other good news stories from our Middle East outreach would not have been possible without your partnership in this vital ministry of equipping believers to dig deeper into the Bible using Derek Prince’s teaching. And right now, we need your help to provide thousands of believers and church leaders with Derek’s teaching on secure digital (SD) memory cards.

Will you send a special gift today to help make a wide range of outreach activities happen?

We believe there is a huge need for Bible teaching resources in Jordan, Egypt, Algeria and elsewhere in the Middle East as more and more people seek to know more about the Bible. However, reading is not very common, especially amongst young people, working class people and migrants or refugees. So, books may not always be the most effective way to share valuable teaching on God’s love, gifts of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, and prayer.

To respond to this challenge, we want to prepare SD cards loaded with different types of Derek’s Bible teaching, including video and audio sermons, as well as a copy of the Bible. Anyone can listen or watch the teaching using a smartphone, a computer, or other devices that can read SD cards. Many churches in the Middle East remain closed because of the pandemic and pastors are relying on us to provide more discipleship resources for their congregations. Each SD card costs about $10 and a bundle of 25 books by Derek Prince in Arabic costs about $33; this includes printing and shipping to various locations.

Will you give $33 or even $90 today to provide believers in the Middle East with the books and audio-visual resources they need to grow strong in their faith?

By sending a gift today or by donating online, you can put SD cards with valuable Bible teaching in the hands of hundreds, even thousands, of young people who are hungry for God’s Word. You can do so by making a secure donation online.

You can help give comfort and hope to prisoners and refugees and their families, equipping them to draw strength and wisdom from God’s Word in these hard times. And you can help more Muslim-background believers like Ahmed and Zeinab to unlock the power of God’s Word in their lives.

Thank you for all you do to serve God and His people through our DPM outreaches.

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific



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