Wonderful News from DPM-Japan

For the last four years, our Japanese translator, Yvonne (name changed for security reasons), who lives in Osaka (south-east Japan) along with a volunteer translator, has been very busy working on Derek’s material and we now have a very large number of Japanese Bible teaching resources available on our DPM-Japan dual-language website and App:

  • 64 Teaching Letters on the DPM-Japan dual-language website (http://ja.derekprince.jp/)
  • 30 of Derek’s most significant messages, including the Laying the Foundation messages, voiced in Japanese, on the Japanese App and website, along with a free Study Guide. (The Japanese APP can be accessed from the Home Page of the DPM-Japan website.)
  • 168 two-minute messages voiced in Japanese entitled A Word from the Word on the DPM-Japan website.
  • 17 Japanese-language books available for free download from the DPM-Japan website.
  • Several proclamation cards (with more being designed for bulk distribution and uploading to the website)

That’s almost 300 of Derek’s messages which are now available in Japanese. So, if you know any Japanese- speaking believers, please do “spread the word” about our DPM-Japan website and App!

Where to From Here?
We are considering the following ways of distributing Derek’s teaching in Japanese:

  • Placing Derek’s teaching material onto other media.
  • Translating the DPM-Japan English-language Facebook page into Japanese (20% of Japanese people are onFacebook, totalling 25 million active users).
  • Voicing the Japanese Teaching Letters for placing on the website.
  • Translating more of Derek’s books.

We have only just begun to reach the Japanese people with Derek’s teaching – and we are believing for many opportunities to greatly expand our ministry in this spiritually dry and thirsty nation.

If you would like to help us continue to reach Japan with Derek’s teaching of God’s Word, you can do so by making a secure donation online.

Many thanks for your wonderful support.

God's blessings,

Warren Smith, Regional Director, Asia/Pacific


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Derek’s Teaching Letters have now been translated into Japanese and these are available for free download on our bi-lingual Japanese/English website: