Derek Prince began his ministry in Israel in 1946 and the last two decades of his life there. In fact, one of the unique features of his teaching and ministry was his love and concern for Israel.

Derek believed that God would fulfil every promise He had made to the household of Israel, and his heart’s desire was to see the Jewish people believe God for those same truths. 

Dear Ministry Friend,

We are pleased to announce that Christian Friends of Israel will distribute Derek Prince Ministries resources in Israel. 

“Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) continues to emphasise the importance of Israel through a multitude of messages, sermons and books. Therefore, DPM and CFI will work to provide the Body of Christ in Israel with Derek’s Bible teaching. Thanks to a personal relationship with Derek, the CFI ministry looks forward to assisting wherever possible with distributing his Bible teaching.  A long close relationship with Derek was enjoyed through the years and it is with thankfulness that CFI will be able to bless congregations and leaders in this new way through our First Fruits ministry.” - Sharon Sanders Co-Founder Christian Friends of Israel

May 10th, 2022

From the north in Haifa to the south Eilat, it has been our great pleasure at Christian Friends of Israel to begin earnest distribution of Derek Prince literature to ministry leaders in the land.  We have been able to gift Messianic Jews, Arab Christians, Russian, Ethiopian and Spanish speaking believers to name just a few!  We are beginning to receive feedback from leaders about the initial seven titles released, to determine which have been the most useful.  We have received enough feedback to recognise that expanding the language choices of Derek Prince’s resources will increase the ministerial impact they will have here in Israel.                                                     

Some highlights come to mind regarding my initial distribution of the English titles printed:

  1.  Pastor’s wife of Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifa immediately requested and received additional copies of “Prayers and Proclamations” for her weekly Ladies’ bible study. (This church was founded by the Davises, who were raised up in ministry by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church)
  2. Our own CFI staff internally have been using The Authority and Power of God’s Word during our daily devotional periods.
  3. Dov Bikas, Pastor under the Alliance Umbrella will be able to use the materials to disciple  and support wives (experiencing domestic abuse) residing in home of refuge for them in Beersheba.
  4. The staff of Eilat Hostel stewarded by the international congregation there has Jewish, Arab, Spanish, and Russian speakers within their leadership and worship team who will be able to grow together with the rich teachings that Derek has provided.  They will be able to affect many who come into the land and go back out to the nations!

At this time, it is prohibitive for us to do printing and wide distribution in Hebrew, but, we will move forward quickly to provide Arabic and Russian translations within Israel’s faith community.  Arabic, because this linguistic group of believers is growing swiftly throughout the Middle East from secular and previously Islamic practitioners, and within Israel becoming more intentional even within traditional Orthodox circles digging into the scriptures and perhaps operating in a manner resembling Protestant expressions of faith.  Russian, because Israel is now receiving many Ukrainian and Russian Jews due to the war displacement (and Aliyah). This community has proved to be a ripe harvest field for their own peers in the land who are sharing Messiah with them.

On behalf of Sharon Sanders, I really cannot thank the DPM family enough who have given us another way to serve Israel’s believing community in a lasting way, as we help cement Derek’s ministerial legacy a generation that has come to maturity in the Kingdom since his passing.  We will do our best to continue distributing these materials throughout God’s Promised Land to people of faith until the age to come.

What could be more loving than praying for the Jewish people to enter into all that God has destined for them.

We want to thank you in advance for your prayers, support of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Kim Brunson

Christian Friends of Israel

Yours in Christ’s service,

Warren Smith,
Regional Director, Asia/Pacific 

Kim Brunson
First Fruits Project Supervisor/DPM Coordinator




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