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Near the northern coast of Papua lie two small islands, Biak and Yapen, around five hours flight-time from Jakarta. These islands have many small, remote villages with much of the area accessible only by boat. Many young people here have never seen a European person. Conditions are primitive, with no electricity in many of the villages, and meals cooked over wood fires. It was to these islands that our DPM-Indonesia Director, Marcel, recently visited in order to establish contact with the churches there and to teach and minister God’s Word. He told us that Papua is a region that is very much “evangelised” by Muslims who try to get many Christians to convert to Islam. Coupled with this, there is a total lack of Bible teaching and training in this area, yet there is a real hunger for the Word of God.

One village Marcel visited - Windesi on Yapen Island - was accessible only by a three-hour boat ride in the hot sun. Here, he held a seminar with the pastors and lay leaders of the churches and blessed them with some of Derek’s books. While on Yapen, he was able to visit three further villages and connect with the churches there.

Marcel plans to return to this region for at least another three weeks and to also send a large shipment of Derek’s Indonesian books there for distribution amongst the pastors in the region. Your gift would help us to send this much-needed Bible teaching to help equip the believers in this remote part of the world and to print further Indonesian books for free distribution.

Would you please prayerfully consider making a gift to our ministry in Indonesia so that we can continue to equip pastors and leaders with Derek’s much-needed Bible teaching.

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Warren Smith,
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Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world with a population of 242 million, and it is the desire of our hearts to see God’s transforming Word go out to as many people as possible to bring understanding about eternal life, and also to bring more revelation and maturity to the Body of Christ. 46 of Derek’s book have now been translated and published in the Indonesian language, with over 220,000 copies printed.

We have now translated 140 of Derek’s radio messages from Keys to Successful Living into Indonesian, which you can listen to on our DPM app here. The programme is broadcast on 22 radio stations in 18 major cities across Indonesia, potentially reaching 23 million people. The English version of the programme has been broadcast for around 16 years.  Derek’s radio programme is also being placed on audio devices for sending out.  We also hold conferences and seminars for Pastors, Elders and missionaries where we  use Derek’s teaching to teach and encourage those in leadership.  Derek’s books are freely distributed which have been a real blessing to those attending.



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