Dear Friend,

With the coronavirus ravaging the world, the reaction to that one word—China—can be mixed at best. But the Derek Prince Ministries team working there wants to show you a different China. Please read the following words—shared directly with us by a pastor in Wuhan, where the coronavirus crisis started.

“I am a pastor in Wuhan. When knowing many brothers and sisters in Wuhan were infected and in hospital, I could not eat or sleep for some days. But God is merciful. As a result of your WeChat app bringing to me Derek Prince’s sharing on faith and prayer, and calling us to repentance, I cried aloud before the Lord for all my brothers and sisters—and myself. This land needs to be healed. These people need to be healed.”

Isn’t it amazing that Derek’s teaching is reaching into the epicentre of the crisis, bringing forth life and light?

A Unique Opportunity

All of us on the DPM-China team view this crisis as a unique opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in China. The core of our team is comprised of  three co-workers who are all from mainland China. Though they live outside of that country, they connect regularly with friends and family there and with our in-China workers. They hear up-to-date information about what ordinary believers are saying. Also, they hear facts not reported in the media about China’s many millions of Christians. These team members know what is needed.

A Three-Pronged Strategy

What is our strategy to help them? It is a three-pronged approach.

1. A Strong Online Presence. Over the years, we have built a comprehensive online presence in China. Currently, Derek’s materials can be accessed online in digital and audio formats. We were not caught flat-footed! Logistics in China may have been shut down or slowed down—but the internet is as fast as ever!

Many churches in China have started to use WeChat or other online chat tools for their Sunday worship. More and more Chinese pastors are using WeChat to share “spiritual daily bread” to encourage believers during the crisis. Here is how God is blessing these online labours:

“I am a sister in Wuhan. My city have experienced the darkest time during the last three months. So many people died—so many heart-broken every day. My church had to stop normal Sunday services, so all of us had to stay at home, isolated from each other. I felt very scared and my faith dropped to the lowest... But I still can get many encouragements from your Derek Prince materials. These words really enlightened my heart and let me re-focus on Christ’s unchanging love and help.”

2. USB Devices Filled With Derek’s Material. Apart from the COVID-19 crisis, there is also severe persecution of the church in China. Our response has been to place entire libraries of Derek Prince’s materials in the hands of Christian leaders—using USB devices.

We have amassed as much of Derek’s teaching as we can in Chinese—and packed it all on 32G USB devices (at a total cost of NZ$16 each). These are materials we have produced over the last 35 years in Audio/Video and PDF formats. Our goal is to secure the funding to get these digital libraries into the hands of as many Chinese “shepherds” as we can. If the clampdown gets worse, they will have food for their flocks.

One trusted pastor from a major city in China—with whom we have worked closely for many years—is already distributing materials widely. He knows how to do that in today’s China.

3. Life-Changing Books. Some believers still prefer Derek’s teaching in book form. Our team is targeting its publishing choices to address the exact struggles facing families in China—especially Christian families.

  • Faith to Live By—helping brothers and sisters walk by faith and not by sight in these dark days.
  • Shaping History through Prayer & Fasting—encouraging believers to pray more for their country and government; such a great need at this time.
  • The Foundation Series—helping them build their lives on the eternal, immovable, personal foundation of Jesus Christ.
  • God’s Remedy for Rejection—addressing the increasing mental struggles of brothers and sisters in China who feel neglected and even abused by recent events.

Some who did not want these printed materials last year are now asking for them in the face of heightened pressures. Requests are coming even from China’s harder-to-reach Western areas. We simply must supply these needy people. (The cost of one book on average is NZ$1.60, and our goal is to print 300,000 books in 2020 because the need is so great.)

Can You Help Us?

We are asking for your help in one or more of our three strategic areas:

  1. A gift of $30 to $50 to support the daily tasks of our online workers.
  2. A gift of $80 for five 32G USB devices. Each one is packed with Derek's teaching in Chinese.
  3. A gift of $80 or $160 to supply 50 to 100 books for needy churches.

If you are able, will you send a generous contribution today in support of our brothers and sisters in China? Please help them stand strong in the Lord and in His Word.  

What will be their response for your help? A long-time colleague said: “A huge thank you for the spiritual food for our brothers and sisters.” Another believer from a Sichuan church said this: “Thanks to families in Christ from far away, for providing those precious materials to us. Especially during this very difficult time of the COVID-19 virus, we can still hear Pastor Derek’s audio teachings as well as reading his books. Those have given us so much encouragement and help.”

Yes, it is a time of unparalleled pressure in China. Even more, we believe it is a time of unprecedented opportunity for outreach. Please help us to make a difference.

In His Name,

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