Project Update


Dear Friend,

In 1999 I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to put six of Derek’s most significant books into one compilation, which we called Life Changing Spiritual Power (LCSP),comprising The Divine Exchange; How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; The Holy Spirit in You; God’s Medicine Bottle; Spiritual Warfare and the Self Study Bible Course.

Then on 31 December 2009, in a dream, I was recalling some of the wonderful testimonies I had read, about the power of the messages in these six books and how God had used them to radically change many, many lives. In the dream, I felt encouraged by the Lord to set a target to print one million copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power in many languages and, in most cases, to freely distribute these to pastors and Christian leaders in many nations

Ten years on, since we began the One Million Book Mission in 2010, just on 707,000 copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power have now been printed in over 30 different languages and 20 nations, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and France, as well as in eight East European nations. 

Today, millions of believers are being discipled with Derek’s teaching using this special compilation and the need for sound Bible teaching is more urgent than ever, as shown by Ramesh Kulung of west Nepal who told our DPM-Nepal Director, Ps. Gopaljee:

“I was fortunate to receive Derek Prince books from you. When I received Life Changing Spiritual Power (six-book compilation) I completed reading this book in one week. I went through the Self Study Bible Course myself and now I can teach the same lessons to other people. There are many wrong teachings spreading all over Nepal; if people read Derek’s books then they do not need to be afraid of wrong teachings. I would like to get more books written by Derek Prince; this is the kind of teaching we need in Nepal.”

We now need to reprint a number of copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power, as well as some of the six titles as individual booklets:

  • IN NEPAL, DPM-Director, Ps. Gopaljee, would like to print a further 5,000 copies of LCSP in Nepali for distribution to pastors, Christian leaders and Bible colleges across Nepal.
  • IN SRI LANKA, DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, would like to print 2,000 copies in the Sinhala language to gift to pastors and leaders across the country, as well as copies of the Self Study Bible Course for discipleship training.
  • IN MYANMAR, we need to compile the separate manuscripts and print in Burmese.

  • IN VIETNAM, believers often prefer smaller booklets and so several thousand copies of the six individual titles need to be printed for distribution to Christian leaders and discipleship classes. We praise God that in this communist nation the Government has approved the printing of these books.
  • IN CAMBODIA, it has been amazing to see the demand and now a number of the smaller booklets making upLCSP need to be reprinted as individual titles for distribution at pastors seminars and amongst young people at outreaches. 

The average cost to print Life Changing Spiritual Power (464 pages) in Asia is just $3.00! $30 will print 10 more copies and $150 will print 50 copies. Would you be able to prayerfully consider partnering with us to print some of the 20,000 books now needed, please. Your gift will enable us to continue placing these powerful life-changing messages into the hands of thousands more pastors and Christian leaders in many nations of south east Asia and the India sub-continent. 100% of all donations designated to our “Million Book Mission” will be sent overseas to our DPM outreach leaders to arrange printing and distribution. 

Thank you for your support of this significant Bible teaching ministry and helping us to help to make our Million Book Dream a reality.

Warren Smith
Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific

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