Dear Friend,

For over 20 years, DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, have been supporting pastors in India.  Initially, the support was solely by means of small monthly financial gifts, but Elsie and Danny sensed the need for training and guidance in a deeper understanding of the truths of God’s Word. And so, in 2009, they began holding monthly Bible training sessions for pastors using Derek’s material.  As pastors began applying the truths they learnt at these sessions, they saw growth and expansion in their ministries.  

And it wasn’t just the pastors who benefited!  The Mother of one of these pastors also attended the training sessions.  She would take her notes back to her village, gather the women in the village together and teach them from what she had learnt.  As a result, not only did many of them receive deliverance from bondages and curses, they also committed themselves to Christ and now function as a little church in a place where there was none!

Elsie writes, “During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have received many testimonies from pastors advising that the teaching they have received through DPM, in various ways – trainings, books, SD cards - has helped them stay clear of any fear that might have tried to dominate them (not only because of the disease spread, but also due to the fact that the churches from which they got their basic support were shut down).  They were also able to bring a message of hope to their congregations – many of whom were actually gripped by great fear because of the methods employed by the government in handling people who were sick with Covid as well as the constant negative reporting of the media”.   It is through your faithful giving over the past year that Elsie and Danny have been able to equip these pastors with Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching and so from us all, a big “THANK YOU”.

This year Elsie and Danny have recognized the need to continue to train as many pastors as possible.  These leaders already have an established sphere of influence and are able to bring Derek’s teaching to thousands of believers who are hungry not only for the Word of God, but for transformation in their personal lives and their communities. 

However, since the pandemic began, Elsie and Danny, have been faced with the challenge of how to train pastors throughout India now that they are not able to travel so extensively to different parts of the nation and hold pastors and leaders’  conferences.  And although many pastors have smartphones, they are not educated enough to understand the technology in order to connect to broadcasts, video chats, etc.  

Therefore, in 2021, Elsie and Danny plan to hold more training sessions on “home ground” – bringing pastors to their home city of Trichy, training them with Derek’s teaching and providing them with teaching resources.  Due to Covid-19, only “small” gatherings are permissible in India, but monthly day-long training seminars can still be held in Tamil Nadu and this means up to 200 people can still attend these sessions. 

There are two major new projects which Elsie and Danny would like to launch this year:

1) Short Term Intensive Training Courses 
These would be two-week residential seminars for groups of 30 men or women as separate groups.  The focus would be on the DPM Bible College curriculum, using Derek’s major teachings, including Romans; Hebrews; Foundations; The Gifts of the Spirit and Prophetic Guide to the End TimesThe target group will be those leaders with potential to take the teaching and train others – training the trainers. It is hoped that this will help take Derek’s Biblical teaching to the different states of India and also help introduce the ministry of DPM to those who have not yet heard of it. The cost to hold each training course is NZ$2,650 and it is planned to hold several courses this year. Perhaps you would like to help sponsor one of these training seminars?

2) Digital Media
In today’s Covid environment, there is an urgent need to increase the use of digital media in various Indian languages.  One form of presentation DPM-India would like to use is the Derek Prince Legacy Radio programmes, recording these in two major languages, Tamil and Hindi.  The aim is to target educated, tech-savvy, middle-aged and young adult groups.  Elsie’s hope is that this would encourage within listeners a desire for sound Biblical knowledge and also help raise further support for DPM-India’s ministry. 

The cost to translate and record a 60-minute radio programme in either Hindi or Tamil is just NZ$152 per message and we aim to produce 50 programmes in each language this year, for a total of NZ$15,200. This is wonderful value for a digital product which then has the ability to bring Derek’s Bible teaching to millions of lives.  

Indian-Language Printing
Along with the above projects for this year, there is an urgent need to print several important titles such as Applying the Blood; What’s So Important About the Cross?; Why Israel?; the 10 Foundations series booklets and others which have never been translated and published in the Tamil language.  As printed books are still the most acceptable means of learning in India, we would like to make these titles freely available to pastors and leaders. Our estimated cost to do this is NZ$32,542.  

If you would like to partner with us in helping to train pastors and leaders across India, you may use the enclosed response form or donate securely online at (select “India Outreach”).  Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.


Dear Friend, 

Like so many other nations around the world, Nepal has also had to endure a year consisting of lockdowns, closed borders and bans on large gatherings due to Covid-19.  Our Director in Kathmandu, Ps. Gopaljee, has only just begun holding church meetings again this January, but many people are still too frightened to attend.  And so, where possible, meetings are also held online via Zoom.  In these uncertain days, it’s vital that we continue to equip pastors and leaders in Nepal with Derek’s Bible teaching resources so they can adequately teach and shepherd their churches.  Many pastors don’t realise how much they don’t yet know from God’s Word, as evidenced by the letter below.

“Dear Ps Gopaljee,  I thank you for publishing books by Derek Prince.  A fellow pastor had several books written by Derek Prince.  I borrowed from him Fasting Successfully; They Shall Expel Demons; Self Study Bible Course and How to Pass from  Curse to Blessing and read all of them.  I am teaching our people from these books and telling other Christians how we are missing these great spiritual truths.  My pastor friend told me that he will provide more books so that I can teach and preach  to the people.  I did not know about the generational curse and now it is clear to me.  I remember my own and I asked forgiveness.  Likewise They Shall Expel Demons also greatly helped me.  Our area is full of evil power.  Thank you again and God bless you.”

- Pastor Chandra Dev Karki, west Nepal

And so, the hunger for sound Bible teaching in Nepal continues.  This year, Ps. Gopaljee needs to reprint at least 11 of Derek’s books in Nepali, including titles such as Foundations for Life; Holy Spirit in You; Living as Salt and Light; Self Study Bible Course; Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People and What’s So Important About the Cross? The cost to reprint 3,000 copies of each of these 11 titles (33,000 books) is approximately NZ$27,500.  

Could you please prayerfully consider sending a gift to help equip thousands of pastors and leaders across Nepal and India with the Bible teaching they desperately need?  You may use the enclosed response form or donate securely online at (select “Nepal Outreach”). 100% of every designated donation you make will be sent to DPM-Nepal or DPM-India.  (Only donations designated “Where Most Needed” now qualify for a NZ donation tax rebate.)

God’s blessings and many thanks for partnering with us.

Warren Smith
Regional Director, DPM-Asia/Pacific

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